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For Job seekers

As a Myanmar overseas-job seeker's CV platform, it attracts massive CV-uploading and recruiters' visiting from Singapore / countries.

1. Your CV is the only tool to convince overseas recruiters / employers, so please put your effort to make it clear, tallying and convincible.

2. Please do not provide false education information, as it will be verified in Singapore and it might cause you being permanently banned.

3. To protect your privacy, please do not put your any contact info in the form below, other than required column. We might reject scorner.

4. Your CV will be published on "Recruiters / Employers" page and searchable in 2 working days.  Please contact us if any mistake found. 
5. We will whatsapp you if we need more details, recruiter shows interest, inform you for the interview or any contacting matters.

6. We will remove your CV if we failed to reach your Whatsapp after 3 consecutive times' trying. Please keep your mobile reachable.

7. Please inform us if your CV is no longer available or you change mind to work abroad, to avoid being annoyed and disrupted frequently.

To secure a job in Singapore, you are  invited to fill in the CV-form below and then visit "Singapore job vacancy" in our sister website.

Apply for Singapore Job

Thank for applying Singapore job with us! We will check and upload your CV in this website for Singapore recruiters to preview. 

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